Schneider’s Modulo Line Wins German Innovation Award


Gunter Schneider, owner and president of the Schneider Group (l), accepts the German Innovation Award from Prof. Dr. Alexander Wurzer, a member of the jury, at a ceremony on May 28, 2019.
FRONHAUSEN, Germany—Ophthalmic equipment maker Schneider was recently honored with the German Innovation Award by the German Design Council for the invention of the Modulo Line, the first fully automated Industry 4.0 ophthalmic lens production system. An independent and interdisciplinary jury of experts selected Schneider for the honor. “Schneider’s Modulo Line lives and breathes Industry 4.0 and is a fantastic showcase of what its true power is—not just in theory but in reality. It provides fundamental competitive advantages like utmost efficiency and cost savings,” said Prof. Dr. Alexander Wurzer, a member of the jury.

Introduced in 2013, Modulo has become firmly established in the ophthalmic industry and has produced more than 70 million lenses to date with thousands of jobs completed every hour. Click here for additional information about Modulo.