OVERLAND PARK, Kan.—Bushnell Outdoor Products’s Serengeti unit has formed a partnership with Carl Zeiss Vision to promote a national prescription sunglass program throughout the Carl Zeiss Vision laboratory network. The exclusive agreement will enable both companies to offer a variety of customized prescription sun eyewear and to employ patented wrap lens technology, featuring the new exclusive NXT Polar PhD RX lens by Serengeti. NXT is a brand of Intercast Europe.

The national program will be offered through all 18 Carl Zeiss Vision labs, and will include VSP orders. Carl Zeiss Vision is the exclusive North American supplier of Serengeti RX lenses. Initially available in two tints, Polar PhD Drivers and Polar PhD CPG, the lenses are compatible with the latest in standard and wrap lens manufacturing technologies, according to Carl Zeiss Vision, which also provides authentic original equipment glass prescription lenses for Serengeti eyewear.

“Partnership with a leading sunglass brand like Serengeti aligns perfectly with the benefits offered by our lab network, including state-of-the-art lens designs, proprietary customization and manufacturing technology, practice-building and marketing support, and fast, reliable service,” said Claude Labeeuw, vice president of marketing and business development for Carl Zeiss Vision North America.

Dani LaGace, Serengeti’s product and marketing director, added, “The most important result of this partnership is giving key optical retailers exciting new products with clear aesthetic, performance and quality advantages. It helps that those new products are coming from two of the best-known and respected brands in the business.”

In a related move, LaGace said Bushnell has named Intercast Europe as the exclusive lens supplier for Serengeti’s NXT Polar PhD Global Prescription Sunglass program.

“We are excited about the further development of the relationship between these three great companies,” said Christine Camsuzou, managing director, Intercast Europe. “The combination of the NXT lens platform, the Serengeti lens technologies and the Carl Zeiss lens designs provides a premium product for the most demanding Rx sunwear customers.”

Serengeti is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bushnell Outdoor Products, based in Overland Park, Kan. NXT is a brand of Intercast Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of PPG Industries.