Services Held for Three Rivers Optical Founder William Seibert

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WEXFORD, Pa.—Services were held here on July 25 for optical lab veteran William C. Seibert, who died July 21 at age 82. Seibert was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., on July 26, 1937. The founder of Three Rivers Optical lab in Pittsburgh, his optical career spanned five decades. Seibert entered the lab business in 1960 with American Optical. He learned the business from the bottom up and went on to manage multiple AO branches in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

In 1969, he founded Three Rivers Optical in a 250-square foot room. As a result of his dedication and hard work, Three Rivers grew to become one of the largest independent optical labs in the country. Customers and colleagues credited him as being “the model of independence” in all aspects of the industry. His tough but fair personality and way of doing business contributed to his success, they said.

Seibert’s three children, Mary Ann, Joe and Steve took ownership of the lab in 2007.

His wife, Madeline, predeceased him. Survivors include Mary Ann and Alex Zappas, Joe and Toni Lynn Seibert and Steve Seibert.