The SVOne Enterprise by Smart Vision Labs provides a self-guided Vision Test.

NEW YORK—Optical stores in New York City can now offer convenient eyeglass prescriptions through SVOne Enterprise, a new service developed by Smart Vision Labs.

Smart Vision Labs executives told VMail that the new service, which makes use of the company’s core autorefraction technology with a proprietary telemedicine platform, is being marketed to optical retailers and vision care practices that want to expand the availability of their refraction services.

“We’re offering the retailer the ability to offer the patient a refraction when the doctor might not be in the office,” Yaopeng Zhou, cofounder and CEO of Smart Vision Labs, told VMail. He said the service is being offered as part of a pilot project at five independent optical retail locations in the city, although they declined to identify them.

“We have two objectives: to make the refraction piece of eye exam more convenient to consumers and to work with eyecare professionals, both optometrists and ophthalmologists, to bring more revenue to optical retail.”

The SVOne Enterprise system allows the doctor to write a digital eyeglass prescription for a patient or make a recommendation for a full eye health exam where appropriate. Zhou said that depending upon individual state regulations, Smart Vision Labs will work with either optometrists or ophthalmologists to verify prescriptions. In New York State, ophthalmologists are verifying the Enterprise prescriptions, he noted.

“We initially founded Smart Vision Labs to make vision tests more portable and clearer vision more attainable for the public by providing doctors a new, highly accurate way to administer vision care to underserved communities around the world,” explained Zhou. “After seeing how the SVOne was able to help administer better vision care for so many people, we saw that there was also a need for improved vision care here in the United States.”