Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap, sports the company’s new Spectacles AR glasses that let wearers overlay digital objects on the real world. Photo courtesy of Snap.
SANTA MONICA, Calif.—A day after unveiling the first augmented reality version of its Spectacles eyeglasses, Snap confirmed that it is buying WaveOptics, its AR display supplier, for more than $500 million. News of the deal, Snap’s biggest ever, was first reported Friday by The Verge. It comes amid growing interest in AR eyewear and the anticipated entry into the market of tech giants Apple and Facebook. Snap’s new Spectacles are not yet on the market.

However, the company is offering the lightweight display glasses to creators who will overlay their AR effects on the lenses. AR creators who are interested in experimenting with Spectacles can contact Snap.

WaveOptics has collaborated with Luxexcel, the leading supplier of 3D printed prescription lens technology, to create a module that integrates three of the vital elements required for developing consumer Augmented Reality smartglasses: a 3D printed prescription lens, a waveguide, and a projector.