Stanton Optical and My Eyelab Banners Prepare for 32 New Store Openings in 2017


PALM SPRINGS, Fla.—Stanton Optical and My Eyelab, two optical retailers owned by Vision Precision Holdings, are embarking on an ambitious expansion plan for 2017, with an expectation of entering a half dozen new markets and opening new locations at a rate of almost three new units per month, according to a Stanton Optical executive. Stanton Optical also will bolster its presence in Southern California, Texas and South Carolina as its builds out its store base this year.

“We will expand into both new and existing markets in 2017,” Stanton Optical marketing director Salena Youngman told VMail this week. She said the company has selected new markets to enter, in part, because of a growing demand for eyecare services and limited competition in some of these markets. She also noted that the company has “spent the last three years building our management team to sustain” the ongoing corporate growth.

Overall in 2017, a total of 32 new locations are expected to open under the Stanton Optical and My Eyelab banners, Youngman said. Parent company Vision Precision Holdings expects to have 58 optical locations operating nationwide as of Jan. 31, which breaks down as 46 Stanton Optical and 12 My Eyelab stores in 17 different states.

Some existing markets Stanton will expand its presence in this year are Miami, West Palm Beach (Fla.) and Sacramento (Calif.). The retailer also will enter the new markets of Sherman, Waco, College Station and Amarillo, Texas, and expects to open its initial five locations in both the Portland, Ore., and Milwaukee, Wis., markets. Additionally, new stores are planned for market entries in Santa Fe, N.M.; Nampa, Idaho; and Ridgeland, Miss., according to Youngman.

Both Stanton Optical and the My Eyelab stores are positioned as value-oriented retailers, and focus their promotional message around “buy-one, get-one” deals and/or “two pairs for $69.” Both banners offer free eye exams to patients who place an eyeglass order that meets certain dollar-based thresholds.

Stanton Optical also offers its “Now Service,” which, because of an onsite optical lab at some locations, enables the stores to provide prescription eyeglasses in 15 minutes or less, according to the company. The company also promotes a “no appointments necessary” practice model, but does offer an online scheduling process for those patients who want to set up a specific appointment time.

In its 2017 expansion plans for the state of California, Stanton Optical expects to open eight new stores in the San Diego area throughout 2017, according to the company.

“Our locations in California and South Carolina have proven to have a great impact on serving the communities’ eyecare needs due to the rising demand for eyecare and limited competitors in the market,” Youngman told VMail. Additional store locations in the state of California this year are planned for the Salinas, Sacramento, Bakersfield and Fresno markets.

Stanton also announced that it will open a new store in Spartanburg, S.C., this month, which will be its third store in the state. Vision Precision Holdings operates stores in 17 states overall, ranging from Alaska to New York and Florida.