SUNY Optometry Recreates ‘Eyes of the World’ Mosaic as Donation to First-Ever Optometry School in Haiti


Image via Eyes of the World Mosaic
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NEW YORK—SUNY College of Optometry, in collaboration with Luxottica, Brien Holden Vision Institute, and the American Academy of Optometry, recreated the “Eyes of the World” mosaic during the American Academy of Optometry conference in Orlando, Florida. “Eyes of the World” was originally created during the 2017 Women’s March in New York City with the aim of conveying social justice through images of the human eye, and is currently on display in the lobby at SUNY Optometry. The recreated will be donated to the l’Universite d’Etat d’Haiti School of Optometry, the first-ever school of optometry and vision sciences in Haiti.

Joanne Hunter, who organized the original mosaic with her husband Bruce said, “Our eyes are extraordinary - they don't reveal age, gender, education level, sexual orientation or cultural background. They are unique to each of us yet remain a common human characteristic that binds us together. ‘Eyes of the World’ is a piece of collaborative activist art that reminds us to celebrate our collective humanity, equality, and compassion.”

The recreated mosaic is five feet tall by nine feet wide and features 42-domed eyes, approximately 2500 tiles, and a background that incorporates Haiti's national flag colors. An estimated 800 participants at the conference joined Joanne and Bruce Hunter and their team to create it.

David Heath, OD, EdM, president of SUNY Optometry, said, “Vision is a critical component of our health and wellbeing, and we are pleased to be a partner in a project that will bring greater awareness to the impact vision and education have within the global community. With the launch of l’Universite d’Etat d’Haiti School of Optometry, locally trained optometrists, over time, will be able to improve access to much needed vision care and services throughout the country and the region.”