Ellicott City Eye Care
City, State: Ellicott City, Md.
Key Executives: Lisa Hamilton, billing specialistand Michael Robin, OD
Number of Locations: 1
Year Founded: 1991

ELLICOTT CITY, Md.--When billing specialist Lisa Hamilton arrived at Ellicott City Eye Care over six years ago, the doctor was still doing paper claims. But, the system wasn?t working well, Hamilton confessed. ?We needed something more efficient. It?s a very busy private practice.? About a year and a half ago, Hamilton tackled the problem by switching to VisionWeb, which eliminated the paperwork and streamlined the billing process.

Michael Robin, OD, with a patient.
Ellicott City Eye Care.
Lisa Hamilton using VisionWeb

?I don?t have time to just sit down and bill,? said Hamilton. ?I need to be able to do it among the eight other things I am doing.? With VisionWeb, Hamilton said, ?It?s a very simple and cost-effective way to bill and get reimbursed. Some insurance companies take anywhere from 30 to 120 days to pay and things get lost in the mail,? she said. ?[VisionWeb] is 10 times faster than any mailing process. It takes all the gray out. You know exactly where the claim is and where it stands,? said Hamilton.

Instead of having to go to individual insurances for billing, for example, Hamilton can use VisionWeb to facilitate the process for each of them. She doesn?t have to worry about whether the claim is lost in the mail or if the claim will be kicked back because something was missing on the paperwork. Hamilton says that she can easily track the status of claims and will know right away if the claim has passed, if it?s in progress or if it is being sent back for a code or for other missing information. Even getting started is easy, says Hamilton. ?My experience with VisionWeb has been a pleasant one. The tech support is great. They walk you though everything. They have a designated medical biller. It?s a very simple, non-complicated process and it?s just very easy to use,? she said. When setting the system up, VisionWeb?s tech support helped her add payers so that claims for Medicare and Blue Cross, for example, would be processed without a hitch. ?For a lot of doctors who have small practices, who can?t afford a biller and sometimes use a third party or are doing paper claims, this is an affordable and convenient way to get reimbursed from the insurances,? said Hamilton.

Ellicott City Eye Care?s ultimate goal is to go completely paperless so Hamilton is looking for a good practice management program. ?I don?t have a lot of time to sit and input patients,? said Hamilton. A good practice management system would also help her recall patients, she noted.           

--Christine Brophy