The Vision Council Announces the Publication of ANSI Z80.1–2020, Prescription Ophthalmic Lenses – Recommendations

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The Z80 Committee of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which is responsible for developing national standards that apply to prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, ophthalmic instruments and medical devices such as intraocular lenses and laser systems, is releasing its first updated standard in five years. The 2020 revision of Standard Z80.1, Prescription Ophthalmic Lenses – Recommendations, was announced today by The Vision Council, which serves as the Secretariat Administrator for Accredited Standards Committee Z80.

The comprehensive standard applies to all prescription dress ophthalmic spectacle lenses in edged or assembled form and serves as a guideline for entities that fabricate, assemble or process dress eyewear or lens components. The relevant optical, physical specifications and tolerances described in the standard also apply to uncut lenses.

ANSI Z80.1–2020 supersedes the 2015 Standard and represents five years of work by a team of industry experts, including chairman Dick Whitney, manager of global standards at Carl Zeiss Vision; vice chairman Rick Tinson, Sr., director of revenue management at Hoya Vision Care; and secretary Dr. Karl Citek, OD, PhD, representing the American Optometric Association. The 2020 revision represents the consensus of current industry experts and reflects the result of a thorough study by the ANSI Z80.1 committee on the relevance and applicability of its contents, The Vision Council said in a statement.

The committee also reviewed comments and input received from past revisions and sought input from users of the standard. Key revisions in ANSI Z80.1-2020 include:

• Methods to address claims in the area of transmittance.
• Recommendations on standardizing claims for attenuation at given wavelengths (such as 400nm) and products that selectively attenuate specific wavelengths (such as blue light).
• New terms and product classifications, including power variation lenses and specialized assistive lenses and their tolerances.
• Guidance on how to handle localized power errors.
• New Annex F to address focimeter capabilities.
• New Annex G to address unintended prismatic imbalance.

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