The Vision Council Attracts Nearly 3,000 Conference-Goers, Secures Media Coverage at SXSW


AUSTIN, Texas—The Vision Council, which unveiled its official health lounge, “The T-Eye-Me Out Lounge: Give Your Eye A Break with The Vision Council,” at South by Southwest on March 10, announced that it reached 2,630 attendees.

As VMail previously reported, The Vision Council staff aimed to engage with visitors to spread the following messages, which are outlined in its official blue light/digital eye strain report: what blue light and digital eye strain are; the health implications of prolonged digital device usage; specialized lens technologies; and the importance of an annual eye exam.

The Council further solidified its presence with an appearance on KVUE ABC Austin Midday— an afternoon news and lifestyle show, garnering 21,368 viewers—to share its blue light, digital eye strain and lens technology messaging. Jenn Falik, style guru and official ambassador of The Vision Council’s blue light/digital eye strain consumer outreach campaign, appeared on the show and discussed the harmful effects of blue light on the eyes, the causes and symptoms of digital eye strain and the lens technology solutions available.

To illustrate that lenses with blue light-filtering and anti-glare properties can be incorporated into any pair of frames, Falik showcased on-trend glasses from Eyewear & Accessories Division members ClearVision Optical, Kenmark Eyewear, Marcolin Group and WestGroupe, as well as Sunglass & Reader Division members FGX International, GUNNAR and Shwood Eyewear. The glasses were outfitted with lenses from Lens Division members Essilor, Hoya and Sutherlin Optical.

In addition, The Vision Council also had appointments with outlets such as “CNN en Español,”,, “U.S. News World & Report” and Optometry/Ophthalmology Web, as well as select fashion, lifestyle and health bloggers, to secure more coverage surrounding the topic.

Watch Jenn Falik’s segment on KVUE here.