Think About Your Eyes Reports 1.15 Million More Eye Exams Attributable to 2016 Campaign


ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) is celebrating a momentous year after receiving final validated exam growth data for 2016, provided by The Vision Council’s VisionWatch market research team. The research confirms that more than 1.15 million exams can be attributed directly to Think About Your Eyes advertising—an increase from 828,000 in 2015. Furthermore, the patients who have taken action because of Think About Your Eyes continue to report a shorter exam cycle— from 24 months to 14 months for 2016— a 42 percent improvement, according to TAYE.

These changes in behavior have led to significant industry growth as a results of TAYE: more than $494 million in clinical fees and eyewear revenue can be attributed to these exams, up from $320 million in 2015.

The campaign generated 1.3 billion consumer impressions through national advertising in 2016, earning the support of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, which joined the campaign as a leadership partner Jan. 1 and of two industry media publishers as partners—Jobson Optical Group and First Vision Media Group. The campaign has also garnered the support of 37 state optometric associations to date.

Think About Your Eyes, now in its fifth year, is anticipating even stronger results for 2017. As VMail reported in mid-February, the campaign will have an increased advertising presence, on the air for three quarters of the year—up from two quarters in previous years—and will focus on advertising that yields the highest awareness and results based on campaign research including television, internet radio and online ad placements.

Think About Your Eyes is a national public awareness initiative in partnership with the American Optometric Association, focused on educating consumers about the importance of vision health and annual comprehensive eye exams. Current partners include Alcon, The Vision Council, American Optometric Association, All About Vision, GUNNAR Optiks, Jobson Optical Group, National Vision, Inc. (NVI), SpecialEyes, SPY, Hilco, Walman Optical, Transitions, Shamir, Chemistrie Eyewear, Essilor, Luxottica Group, Eschenbach, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, First Vision Media Group, International Vision Expo, and Westgroupe.

For general campaign inquiries, or for industry members interested in becoming official TAYE partners, please contact Jon Torrey ( Think About Your Eyes Executive Director.