PINELLAS PARK, Fla.—Transitions Optical partners with Vogue on a series of four videos, which will each represent  different styles of Transitions Gen 8 style colors: amber, amethyst, sapphire and emerald. The four videos are directed by Amilcar Gomes—who has directed campaigns for Maybelline, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani Beauty, Anne Klein, and more—and each tell a unique story featuring diverse talent whose style, career and lifestyle bring to life the style color they are wearing.

All four videos share a consistent tone and feel, emphasizing how Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses enhance vision and provide hassle-free protection while also elevating fashion and style with flair.

The videos feature Calvin Royal III, principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater, JiaJia Fei, digital strategist to the art world, Lauren Bille, co-founder and CEO of Allbodies, and Tara Thomas, urban farmer and chef. Royal wears light activated amber style color, and shares the way light, movement and his environment shape his experience of the world around him. Fei wears light activated style color amethyst, and leads viewers through a visual fantasy world that represents the way creativity feels to her. Bille wears light activated color style sapphire, and guides viewers through her inspiration process and her city. Finally, Thomas wears light activated style color emerald, and shares the way the changing of light and seasons inspires the way she views food.

The first two videos, Thomas and Bille, are live now online, and Royal and Fei’s videos will launch next Thursday, April 22.

Resources highlighting the Transitions Signature GEN 8 style colors are available online at VM will feature more details and an exclusive interview with Gomes and Hamel in the upcoming April issue of Vision Monday.