Unique Drug Delivery CL Product is Finalist for Tech and Life Sciences Award

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SAN DIEGO, Calif.—Leo Lens Technology announced that its unique drug delivery contact lens product has been selected as a finalist in Connect w/ San Diego Venture Group’s Most Innovative New Product Awards (MIP). Connect w/ SDVG is an innovation company accelerator in San Diego that creates and scales companies in the technology and life sciences sectors. Leo Lens Technology (LLT) uses its patented platform technology to harness the power of high-tech digital printing to commercialize a drug-eluting, comfort-enhancing contact lens product to treat millions of patients worldwide. The idea is simple—use a contact lens to deliver drugs topically to patients instead of using eye drops, since over 50 percent of patients on eye drops have poor compliance leading to disease progression and potentially blindness, according to Leo Lens.

Lens Lens’ first product is a lens to treat glaucoma with a contact lens releasing FDA-approved bimatoprost. The company cited several benefits of the drug delivery contact lens product, including continuous automatic drug delivery for seven days and nights and increased patient compliance, which may lead to better outcomes. The technology has fewer side effects than other systems, since the lens is preservative free. Because it integrates with existing contact lens manufacturing it is cost effective.

“Our team is excited and honored to be recognized as a finalist for this award. A lot of effort has gone into getting our product ready for clinical evaluation. We are enthused to get our innovative product that meets many needs of patients, doctors, and manufacturers in patients’ eyes soon,” said Praful Doshi, CEO.

For a complete list of winners and additional information about Connect w/ San Diego Venture Group’s Most Innovative New Product Awards, visit the group’s website.