OMAHA, Neb.—Verizon announced it will be partnering with OneSight, Smart Vision Labs and SUNY College of Optometry to launch the Mobile Vision Care Program, designed to impact academic achievement by providing free vision screenings, comprehensive eye exams and glasses to over 600 students in Omaha public schools.

Over the next two years, these partners will work together with selected school districts to evaluate the impact of mobile technology (specifically the SVOne autorefractor by Smart Vision Labs) on improving the accuracy and efficiency of vision screenings performed by school staff; and measure student achievement gained by providing quality vision care (a comprehensive eye exam and glasses if needed) to students with failed vision screenings during OneSight Vision Clinics held at schools.

Providing school-based access to follow-up vision care is a program priority. Students with failed vision screenings will receive comprehensive eye exams and glasses provided at OneSight Vision Care Clinics held in participating school districts. All vision care services and glasses will be provided free of charge to students who are pre-qualified by school nurses to attend the clinic based on visual and financial need.

SUNY College of Optometry will serve as the research partner, evaluating the program’s impact based in comprehensive data collected during the study. OneSight will train nurses and health coordinators to incorporate the SVOne mobile autorefractor, which will be used in addition to the standard visual acuity tests required for school-based vision screenings, which vary state by state.

Currently, Smart Vision Labs technology is used primarily by optometrists. The Mobile Vision Care Program will examine the potential benefits of training school nurses and health coordinators to incorporate this technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of student vision screenings.

The Mobile Vision Care Program launches at OneSight’s Omaha Vision Care Clinic held in partnership with Omaha Public Schools and Building Healthy Futures.