Versant Health and Transitions Optical Partner on Vision Loss Simulator


LINTHICUM, Md.—Versant Health, a leading national managed eye health and vision plan company, has partnered with Transitions Optical to create a Vision Loss Simulator to help people see how failing eye health can impact vision. The Vision Loss Simulator was sent to 10,000 vision care providers to use in their practice to educate their patients. With this tool, viewers can see through the eyes of someone living with glaucoma, cataract, diab etic retinopathy, presbyopia, glare and macular degeneration.

“Vision loss is something we all know could happen, but many of us don’t realize the real impact it can have until it actually occurs,” said Nate Kenyon, VP of provider operations and support, Versant Health. “The Vision Loss Simulator allows patients to see for themselves ‘what if’ long before the reality of any potential vision impairment sets in, as well as allowing caregivers to see for themselves the impact vision loss is having on their loved ones.

“Through the use of virtual reality goggles, mobile 360, or simply from your desktop, the Vision Loss Simulator lets you see, first-hand, exactly how everyday activities would be impacted by eye disease,” said Jonathan Ormsby, Transitions Optical. “It also includes information about what people can do to prevent eye diseases later in life.”

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