Vision Monday’s Editors to Host Interactive Pop Up Talk Geared Toward Independents During Vision Expo East


(L to R) Lisa Martinsson, Julie Kubsch and Cliff Balter.

NEW YORK—After debuting at the 2016 Vision Expo West, Pop-Up Talks will also be having their moment during this year’s Vision Expo East. Vision Monday’s associate editor, Jamie Wilson and assistant editor, Stephanie Sengwe are hosting a pop-up on March 31 from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. titled Bricks & CLICKS: Social Media Meets Optical on Main Street.

Their interactive pop up will explore the great ideas and tactics that independent ECPs are using to give themselves a competitive edge and knit closer ties to their towns and communities by featuring a panel discussion with three independent ECPs from across the U.S. Stephanie and Jamie will discuss which efforts have attracted Vision Monday’s attention, reflect the rise of many consumers’ desires to ‘Shop Local’ and share how valuable social media interactions help build brand awareness and stronger consumer connections.

The panelist include, Cliff Balter, owner of Innervision Eyewear and founder of Philly EyeWorks in Philadelphia; Julie Kubsch, owner of Specs Around Town in Bloomington, Illinois and Lisa Martinsson, owner, creative director of Glance Optics and Eyewear in Salem and Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Additionally, 20/20 Magazine’s James J. Spina, VP/editor-in-chief along with his editorial team of Christine Yeh, executive editor; Victoria Garcia, associate editor; and Jillian Urcelay, assistant editor will present “20/20 SocialEYEzing With Style” on Saturday, April 1 at 11 a.m. in the Galleria Lounge. For those considering eyecare and eyewear as a serious business, this session will outline ways to reach your patient as a consumer eager for some style and fashion in their eyewear and sunwear.

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