Vision Source Expedites Care Coordination and Improves Quality Metrics via Kno2 Initiative


KINGWOOD, Texas—In collaboration with a large Midwest health system, Vision Source earlier this year piloted the Kno2: Interoperability as a Service program that focused on addressing metrics and outcomes for at-risk patients with diabetes. The pilot, the network’s first with Kno2, was deemed a success and reduced post-examination lag times by 80 percent, a Vision Source spokeswoman told VMAIL, as well as enabling Vision Source practices to close patient care loops within seven to 10 days rather than the previous time frame of four to 12 weeks.

Vision Source announced its collaboration with Kno2, a provider of Interoperability as a Service (IaaS) in the health care community, in April and noted that the effort would be focused on the eye exam referral process, as VMAIL reported. The Kno2: Interoperability as a Service solution enables an efficient, closed-loop referral process.

In its recent announcement reviewing the collaboration, Vision Source said the pilot was able to “demonstrate the delivery of high-value health care, with a material increase in gap closure at a significant decrease in time to close the gap.”

“Vision Source has formed relationships with health systems, ACOs, health plans and leading medical groups across the country to improve care by embracing advancements in health care technology,” Vision Source vice president and chief medical officer Dr. Paul Williams said in the announcement. “We pride ourselves on fostering a nationwide culture that provides a significant differential in our strategic collaborations through the quality, value and the patient experience at the point of care. Through our collaborative relationships and our adoption of interoperability, Vision Source has further widened that differential.”

In addition, Vision Source said the use case for closing the loop on diabetic eye exams showed proven results that “direct interoperable exchange expedites care coordination and improves quality metrics for health systems and health plans participating in value-based care,” as noted in a recent news release by DirectTrust, a non-profit, vendor neutral, self-regulatory entity.

“Vision Source, by embracing Interoperability as a Service, has further established thriving collaborative relationships with health systems, health plans, and physician groups,” the network said in its announcement. “With the selection of Kno2 technology, Vision Source practices are poised to become a recipient of electronic referrals relating to patients who need access to high quality eyecare.”

Before the Midwest health system had implemented the Vision Source - Kno2 solution, it had documented eye exam findings for only 35 percent of the referrals. Now, post examination results are received on every referral within 48 hours after the encounter with the optometrist, and the data flows right into the patient’s electronic health record regardless of variation in the electronic health record used on either end of the care continuum, the announcement noted.

The move to electronic referrals and reporting enabled enhanced and consistent workflows for Vision Source practices and the referring physicians, Vision Source said. Previously, referrals were largely provided in paper format and it was the patient’s responsibility to seek care and schedule the exam, regardless of quality recommendations for high value providers or network participation.

“Our company purpose is to eliminate fax from health care,” added Kno2 chief executive officer Jon Elwell. “This is a great example of how the Kno2 technology, combined with the influence of a care network, and a community outreach program accomplishes that goal. We are excited to continue our efforts with Vision Source to accelerate interoperability within entire geographies by raising awareness, driving adoption, and removing the historical barriers that have prevented electronic care coordination between providers.”

Founded in 1991, Vision Source is North America’s largest network of private practice optometrists with approximately 3,300 practices under the Vision Source umbrella.