NEW YORK—It likely comes as no surprise that a consumer’s personal values influence how they shop—in fact, a recent Forrester Research study found that almost half of U.S. online adults report that they regularly purchase from companies that align with their personal values, and 42 percent try to support brands that are committed to social justice causes. Plus, 68 percent of U.S. online adults wish more companies were transparent about their business practices, and 63 percent believe companies are responsible for protecting the environment.

More than ever, the way a company operates and the causes a company supports are vital information for informed shoppers.

For its November/December 2022 cover story, Vision Monday took a deeper look at how some optical companies align their company values with social causes, and how consumers are responding. From large, multinational companies to independent ECPs, there is a way for the optical community to get involved in social causes at every level, be it supporting local communities, fighting blindness, supporting cancer research and much more. The full cover story is available online on Vision Monday or in PDF form.