RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.— VSP Vision Care has named Boise City, Idaho, as the top city where more residents took care of their eyes in 2012 in the 2013 Eye Health Index. The Eye Health Index reviews tens of millions of VSP claims from more than 100 geographic areas across the country to identify which cities and regions are the most focused on maintaining their eye health. With 59 million members, VSP began analyzing claim data in 2012 to recognize the top cities whose citizens are getting eye exams as part of their health care routine. “We refined the process a bit this year to be even more accurate by looking at a larger surrounding area, but the overall premise is the same as last year’s index,” a VSP spokesperson told VMail.

For 2013, Boise City and Des Moines, Iowa, made the top 10 for the first time. The Sacramento, Calif., and Oklahoma City-Tulsa, Okla., regions showed strong gains, jumping from number 10 and number 9 to number 2 and number 3, respectively. Additionally, the analysis showed that women—who are statistically at a greater risk for eye-related diseases—take a more concerted effort to care for their eyes. Women go to the eye doctor 28 percent more than men and represent about 60 percent of the eye exam claim analyzed.

The Top 10 2013 Eye Healthy Regions in the United States are:
(All markets include the greater surrounding geographic area.)
  1. Boise, Idaho
  2. Sacramento, Calif. (number 10 in 2012)
  3. Oklahoma City-Tulsa, Okla. (number 9 in 2012)
  4. Wichita, Kan. (number 2 in 2012)
  5. Columbus, Ohio (number 6 in 2012)
  6. Des Moines, Iowa
  7. Birmingham, Ala. (number 4 in 2012)
  8. Denver, Colo. (number 5 in 2012)
  9. Raleigh, N.C. (number 3 in 2012)
  10. Bay Area, Calif. (San Jose, Calif., was number 7 in 2012)

VSP has developed an infographic illustrating the Top 10 Eye Health cities as well as other factoids about vision care.

“VSP Vision Care travels around the country, with programs like Eye on Diabetes, to help educate people about the importance of eyecare, so we’re thrilled to see some of the cities that we have visited make this year’s list,” said Susan Egbert, director of eye health strategies at VSP Vision Care. “We commend everyone who took part in ensuring that this important exam is part of everyone’s health care routine.”