VSP Tests Flexible Eyewear Benefits in Four States


RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—VSP Vision Care has introduced VSP EasyOptions to give members and their dependents a choice of added eyewear benefits, including progressives, photochromics or an increase in frame or contact lens allowance.

“VSP EasyOptions was created to give consumers greater flexibility and to better meet their individual eyecare needs,” said Melody Healy, VSP Vision Care’s vice president of product strategy and integration. “VSP EasyOptions is unique in that it allows members and their dependents to select eyewear coverage that best fits their lifestyle, vision needs and pocketbook while consulting with their eye doctor.”

The customizable coverage can currently be purchased directly by individuals or families through yourvsp.com and is available on a limited basis in Arizona, North Carolina, Ohio and Washington. “This initial test is currently only available through direct purchase from VSP, but based on the results of our test, we hope to offer it to group policies in the future,” a VSP spokesperson told VMail.

“Administering the benefit is very similar to other plans,” the spokesperson added, “and any adjustments can be made with a quick phone call to VSP. There’s no change to doctor fees, but it can help increase revenue by capturing additional eyewear sales in their practice. Doctors and optical staff can customize recommendations and assist the patient in making selections to reduce out-of-pocket costs for eyewear.”