Zenni Debuts Cynthia Rowley Holiday Capsule Collection, Increases Focus on Partnerships


NOVATO, Calif.—Zenni has announced the launch of a holiday capsule collection with designer Cynthia Rowley. This limited-edition holiday collection is Zenni’s first-ever collaboration with the designer, and will include four frames available in a variety of lens styles. These styles also include Zenni's non-prescription blue blockers called Blockz, and sunglasses. Frames are priced at $35.95 and are available online through Zenni. This announcement follows on the heels of Zenni’s recent collaboration with actress, writer and producer Rashida Jones.

Bai Gan, chief product officer at Zenni said, “The Zenni customer expects stylish eyewear options with great affordability to build out their eyewear wardrobe. This fashion-forward partnership with Cynthia Rowley helps us continue to deliver on our promise, merging a beloved designer’s personal tastes with our everyday value. Shoppers can buy all four styles in this first collaboration with Cynthia Rowley for less than the average priced pair of prescription glasses at traditional retail.” This collaboration was a “true design collaboration,” Sean Pate, Zenni brand communications officer told VMail, and involved “both parties working with our third party suppliers and the CR team to have designs that met their brand image as well as our standards for quality and affordability.”

According to Pate, Zenni is approaching these large name collaborations as a way to further brand recognition. He told VMail, “Zenni has built a very successful and scaling business online over 16 years leveraging smart and efficient digital marketing tactics and word of mouth to fuel its growth. Despite the 28 million pairs of glasses we’ve sold in that time, our brand has remained largely anonymous and we feel to achieve the goals and ultimate promise of the company, we need to introduce our value proposition and brand to the widest audience possible.”

Zenni is not restricting themselves to actors and designers, either. The brand has recently partnered with the Chicago Bulls and the San Francisco 49ers as well. Pate explained, “We are actively pursuing conversations in many arenas to activate conversation and recognition by a new customer who hasn’t previously been looking for an offering like Zenni, but may be attracted to our relationship with entities they already admire.”

Despite these big-name partnerships, Pate told VMail that Zenni has no plans to increase the price point of their frames. Instead, they remained focused on “having the highest quality eyewear at the most affordable prices in the industry,” said Pate.