Zenni Launches Global B2B Program, Unveils Corporate Gifting to Bring Quality, Affordable Eyewear to Businesses

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NOVATO, Calif.—Zenni Optical, a leading online eyewearretailer, has announced the launch of a corporate gifting program to provide businesses with the ability to order its customizable eyewear and signature Blokz lenses in bulk options for their employees, partners, customers and prospective clients. The launch of this program underscores and expands Zenni’s commitment to providing quality, affordable eyewear for everyone, while emphasizing the importance of eye health as part of overall health and wellness in the workplace and beyond, according to an announcement from the company.

Zenni’s corporate gifting and bulk purchase program provides companies with the ability to bring high-quality, protective eyewear to stakeholders at a reasonable price. Zenni will work together with its B2B clients to tailor orders to a business’ unique goals, achieved primarily through design customization options that include a wide selection of Zenni’s most popular, fashion-forward frames.

“We are excited to unveil our corporate gifting and bulk purchase program at a time when businesses are not only seeking solutions to improve the health and wellness of their employees, but also looking for unique, meaningful ways to connect with potential employees, customers and prospective clients,” said Sana Dhawan, head of business development at Zenni.

“With this new B2B program element, we look forward to expanding relationships with notable companies and establishing connections with partners who find value in providing their stakeholders with the gift of quality protective blue-light blocking eyewear in an increasingly digital age,” Dhawan said.

Corporate partners will be able to make their selections from an array of pantones, shapes, sizes and styles, including unisex and universal frame options. Opportunities to engrave company logo or employee names on the frame and customize the case and lens cloth are also available and would make a perfect employee gift for the holidays.

This initiative is part of Zenni’s commitment to providing individuals with quality, protective eyewear, particularly in a time when many have transitioned to digital work environments. The average adult now spends 75 percent to 90 percent of the day exposed to harmful blue light from screens.

In addition to providing access to a wide range of stylish frames, Zenni’s signature Blokz blue-light-blocking glasses will be a key component of this program. Blokz lenses filter out blue light and reduce digital eye strain, which currently impacts approximately 65 percent of Americans, helping users improve their sleep, enhance productivity and reduce headaches. As a result, employees experience greater well-being and employer’s may improve their bottom line.

“While navigating the COVID-19 remote work landscape has brought many challenges, including managing eye strain from increased time on digital devices, it has also revealed the importance of our eye health,” said Courtney Fadjo Biro, head of growth marketing at Zenni.

“Our new B2B program builds on the success of our eCommerce, direct-to-consumer business model, and is allowing us to reach new corporate audiences who are adapting to remote work environments. By providing a unique offering specifically for businesses and their stakeholders, we can bring the benefit of eye health to a greater audience than ever before and build lasting business relationships with our partners.”

In 2020, Zenni eclipsed 33 million pairs of glasses sold and has recently seen its sales of Blokz reach record numbers as more people continue to work and learn from home and need protective eyewear to combat digital eye strain.

To participate in Zenni’s corporate gifting program or to learn more click here.