Amcon Launches Hand Sanitizer Spray


Amcon Laboratories, with its parent company Nomax Inc., has launched its own hand sanitizer spray. Nomax is an FDA registered drug manufacturing facility that already produces various liquid products, which allowed the company to respond quickly to urgent requests for hand sanitizer. Based on the World Health Organizations recommended formula, Amcon’s hand sanitizer spray complies with all OTC drug regulatory guidelines and comes in a spray-on liquid formula, which provides a uniform dose to limit waste. It is currently available in an 8oz spray bottle and a 32oz refill bottle. So far, Amcon has shipped thousands of units to eyecare professionals across the country, and is actively working to increase capacity and lower unit costs.
Charlie Voellinger, Amcon president said, “Our team is working every viable option to find appropriate PPE for our customers to ensure a safe work environment for both their employees and patients. We are in constant contact with our client base in order to best understand their current needs, and how those will evolve as we continue through the COVID-19 crisis. Our experience as a drug and medical device manufacturer has allowed us to quickly re-engineer our equipment and processes to produce much needed hand sanitizer and we continue to look for other ways to help fill supply gaps.”