Product: Bollé Safety Standard Issue
Top Line: Bollé Safety, a leading global manufacturer of safety glasses and goggles, has rebranded its Bollé Tactical division to become Bollé Safety Standard Issue. The company is based in Lyon, France. The new Bollé Safety Standard Issue range of products have been designed to offer unparalleled eye protection for law enforcement, first responders, firefighters, EMS, military, and special forces as well as shooting enthusiasts and hunters. 
Close Up: The company's mission is to give tactical first responders the competitive advantage they need to do their job in the safest way possible. Bollé Safety Standard Issue creates protective eyewear that uses the most advanced technology to ensure their customers not only see the best, but also look the best. Each Bollé Safety Standard Issue product is a tailor-made solution answering the specific needs of each service provider. Their entire protective eyeglasses range is compliant with all safety standards globally.
Vital Stats: “Our mission is to provide the best eye protection to those who need it and the people who protect us, beyond just the military field, so renaming the Bollé Tactical Division was evident," Rubina Meunier, vice president of brand from Bollé Safety, said in a recent announcement. “Bollé Safety Standard Issue is a more comprehensive name, with the 'Standard Issue' phrasing resonating globally and the new logo being catchy, bold, and a bit mysterious."
Bollé Safety began its origins as part of the Bollé Family as a small workshop in France over 130 years ago, and became the pioneer in creating tactical eyewear in the late 1950s. Since then, Bollé Safety has become a leading global manufacturer of protective eyewear. Bollé Safety provides technology-based lens applications and treatments specifically developed for protective eyewear.
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