De Rigo REM Debuts New Resource Center Website

Product: De Rigo REM’s new resource center website.
Top Line: De Rigo REM has launched a new resource center website to provide COVID-19 support alongside effective business solutions, training and more.
Close Up: The site is broken down into five pillars:
- Solutions: Vital business solutions created to help take practices to the next level, featuring a financial audit, a website analysis, protective gear and more.
- Communication: Help amplifying communication strategy with exclusive assets.
- Education & Training: CE-approved practice management courses, brand education, and more to help improve product sell-through, efficiency and profitability.
- Support: COVID-19 updates, HR 101, one-on-one support via De Rigo REM’s HR hotline and more.
- Strategy: Additional strategic advice and tips to help guide through the recovery phase and beyond.
Vital Stats: The new De Rigo REM resource center website brings together COVID-19 support and other crucial business solutions. The center is available online.