Quick Take: Glasses Gripper prevents accidental stab wounds while making repairs to frames. The technology eliminates nearly all accidental scratching of frames or lenses, utilizing a unique non-slip puncture resistant material. 
Specifics: Glasses Gripper is designed by Monica Miller a former optician, optical manager and bench optician with 30 years’ experience. Glasses Gripper sits flush to the counter, causing no obstructions. Current technology, such as using a rubber block, can lead to accidentally catching clothes or banging your hand. Glasses Gripper causes less damage, fewer hand injuries, fewer remakes and faster service.
Selling Point: For retail optical remakes due to accidental scratching a patient’s lens, the optician spends at least a half hour working with the patient a second time, re-doing start to finish. The estimated cost of her time will be $40 per remake. A retail optical office will save an estimated $800 to $1,000 per year by preventing one damaged lens a month. A wholesale lab will save over $4,000 per year by preventing two damaged lenses a week. For wholesale labs doing 200 jobs a day, that’s $12,000 savings annually.