Quick Take: Jason Kirk, CEO of Kirk & Kirk, is hosting a series of podcasts called The Right Optics by Silmo, featuring industry figures, some optical and others from outside of optics.
Specifics: The Right Optics features interview with Nada Vuksic of Vancouver’s Bruce Eyewear; Daniel Feldman, executive editor at The Optical Journal; Peter Cross, who has a long career in consulting on retail and consumer behavior; Luxury Eyewear Forum founder Louis Fullagar; and Lorna Robinson, head buyer at the Hakim Group.
Selling Point: Kirk said, “It is an honour for me to be the voice of Silmo in hosting these podcasts. I’ve really enjoyed putting them together and learnt loads. Silmo has a pivotal role to play in our industry and several recurring themes in the podcasts really bring this home; community, relationships, human contact.” The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple and other podcast hosting apps.