Product: myze digital patient engagement platform.
Top Line: myze is a behavior-changing eyecare engagement platform purposefully designed to help identify, treat, and manage dry eye disease throughout a patient’s dry eye journey. myze simplifies the burden of dry eye management by enabling “always available” screenings followed by easy, seamless access to products, services, and education. myze makes treating dry eye easy, affordable, and sustainable. For dry eye sufferers, this means no more waiting days or weeks for appointments or facing product overload and decision paralysis at retail locations. 
Close Up: myze partners with the ophthalmologists and optometrists so that patients may find immediate and long-term relief for their symptoms and discomfort. Patients using the myze platform will have access to a suite of customized, daily product routines and ongoing support services, curated by the world’s foremost experts on dry eye and other ocular surface diseases. Physicians’ partnering with myze retain revenue from all product sales at no cost to them.
Vital Stats: myze offers exclusive product bundles for Ivizia Drops and Optase TTO Wipes.