Product: Smart360 (free-form lens design). 
Top Line: BostonSight, a nonprofit health care organization that advances the treatment of diseased or damaged corneas and dry eye, has announced a new free form lens design feature, Smart360, for the BostonSight scleral product.
Close Up: Using Smart360, practitioners can design a free form lens from 16mm to 19mm, giving them ultimate flexibility, according to a recent BostonSight announcement. BostonSight was one of the first to introduce empirical fitting. In 2019, the organization introduced SCLERAL-IG, an image-guided fitting system for the BostonSight scleral lens using Eaglet ESP. This year, the organization collaborated with a team of beta testers from the BostonSight scleral network to evolve the technology, resulting in Smart360. Practitioners send a 360-degree scan of the eye directly to BostonSight’s manufacturing lab via the practitioner’s FitConnect account. Smart360 currently integrates with the Oculus Pentacam CSP and CSP Pro and the Eaglet Eye ESP.
Vital Stats: BostonSight’s ongoing commitment to research and achieving optimal patient outcomes drives its innovations in scleral lens design, president and chief executive Sara Yost noted. “Data analysis from over 20,000 patient eyes, combined with our research, is used to improve our products and features, providing practitioners with more fitting options for their patients, and ultimately better patient satisfaction.”
Added vice president of clinical and professional affairs Karen Carrasquillo, OD, PhD, FAAO, FSLS, FBCLA, “Smart360 is simply another way to create a customized lens using the same great data-driven design technology that BostonSight is known for. What makes Smart360 unique in the empirical fitting market is that practitioners can continue to tailor the lens with BostonSight SCLERAL’s suite of Smart features, including SmartChannel™ technology to vault anatomical obstacles and minimize suction and SmartSigh technology to reduce higher order aberrations.”
BostonSight scleral also offers two “triple-play” FitKits, diagnostic trial sets with three diameters per set: 16, 16.5 and 17mm and 18, 18.5 and 19mm. Although a FitKit is not necessary when designing a lens with Smart360, trial lenses can be useful for patients who are new to sclerals and would like to experience lens application and removal during their initial visit.
FitKits also include trial lenses that incorporate two additional values of SmartSight technology, beyond the standard, for further refinement in higher order aberration control. BostonSight is committed to providing flexibility in design so that practitioners can meet all their patients’ needs.
To learn more about BostonSight scleral and Smart360, visit the site