Product: How to Get Started With BostonSight Scleral Top
Line: BostonSight Scleral will host a one-hour scleral lens webinar on Tuesday, June 14, at 8 p.m. EDT with Dr. Suzanne Walter Sherman and Dr. Steven Sorkin on how to get the most out of a BostonSight SCLERAL FitKit. This event is free.
Close Up: Diagnostic sets are widely used in scleral lens fitting. Dr. Sherman and Dr. Sorkin will teach attendees where to start in the FitKit, how to navigate the FitKit, and how to use the extra SmartSight fitting lenses to improve visual acuity. They will include diameter recommendations based on eye condition and why it’s important to have a range of diameters available for patient fitting. They will close the webinar with case studies on several common eye conditions, including dry eye and keratoconus, that show how successful you can be using BostonSight Scleral.
Vital Stats: To register, visit