Product: The Smart System VR Headset
Top Line: M&S Technologies, a vision testing equipment developer and manufacturer, is introducing its new virtual reality vision testing system, The Smart System VR Headset.
Close Up: This new dimension in vision testing will give eyecare professionals greater accuracy and efficiency while offering patients a better examination experience, the company said. “For over 30 years M&S has focused on providing the highest quality software and advanced computerized testing systems to enable eyecare professionals to better care for their patients. Our new Smart System VR Headset, with visual field testing times under three minutes per eye, further demonstrates this commitment to perfecting vision testing technology while bringing increased efficiency and flexibility to our customer’s practice,” said Joe Marino, global head of M&S Technologies.
Vital Stats: The Smart System VR headset is portable, allows for testing in a fully illuminated room, and requires no internet connection to operate. The headset, with built-in eye tracking for fixation monitoring, provides accurate 10-2, 24-2 and 30-2 visual field and contour stereo testing. The M&S VR Headset is adaptable to add many of the time-tested Smart System vision testing modules.; (847) 763-0500