Product: ABB Optical Group has launched new dashboards for its Abby contact lens ordering platform.
Top Line: The release includes a new order status dashboard to monitor and track the shipment of any contact lens purchase and a performance dashboard designed to provide the eyecare provider with insightful reporting and metrics on their practice.
Close Up: The Order Status Dashboard is designed to help quickly and easily see the status of any order at any time. It allows the practice to see what patients have ordered, view delivery status updates, and includes tracking numbers.
Vital Stats: The Performance Dashboard helps the ECP understand patient purchase behavior, which includes the ability to see contact lens reorder/recapture rates broken down by in-office inventory and patient-initiated orders, as well as insights into their top contact lens products and how adjustments in product pricing and practice discounts and rebates can affect their bottom line. It also allows them to benchmark practice performance against other historical timeframes.