Top Line: The Avenova eye health support oral supplement features MaquiBright, a potent extract of nutrient-rich superfruit maqui berry, found only in the wild forests of Patagonia.
Close Up: Together with concentrated, un-refined omega-3 oil, MaquiBright delivers essential nutrients and free radical fighters to support healthy tear production and overall eye health and support dry, tired, irritated eyes from the inside out. Patented MaquiBright and omega-3s work together to help promote healthy tears and relieve symptoms of dry eye. It delivers essential nutrients and antioxidants to support overall eye health and function. The supplement contains a potent extract of nutrient-dense maqui berry, a super fruit rich with three times the antioxidant potency of even blueberries.
Vital Stats: Clinical tests show MaquiBright effectively increases tear production and improves symptoms of dry eye among participants after four weeks of usage. Avenova is non-GMO, gluten-free and manufactured under strict GMP guidelines. It contains concentrated omega-3 wild-caught fish oil with DHA and EPA in natural, triglyceride form for optimal absorption.