Product: Bausch + Lomb announced its Blink NutriTears nutritional supplement for dry eyes.
Top Line: Blink NutriTears is a clinically proven over-the-counter supplement that targets the key root causes of dry eyes, promotes healthy tear production and provides noticeable relief of eye dryness symptoms in as little as two to four weeks.
Close Up: Blink NutriTears is formulated with a proprietary blend of ingredients, including lutein, zeaxanthin, curcumin and vitamin D, which were shown to improve ocular symptom severity and tear film homeostasis. It was also shown to clinically help tears stay on the eyes for 33 percent longer.
Vital Statistics: Blink NutriTears will be available in the eyecare aisle or online at most major retailers nationwide by the end of July. For more information on Blink NutriTears, visit