Product: IMI Facts and Findings Infographic
Top Line: The International Myopia Institute (IMI) has developed the IMI Facts and Findings Infographic for practitioners based on the IMI white papers published in 2019 and 2021.
Close Up: The IMI Facts and Findings Infographic is intended to raise awareness about myopia as a public health issue while providing a useful chairside reference of key myopia management evidence-based information easily accessed by practitioners. The IMI White Papers were authored by over one hundred experts in the field of myopia, and comprehensively cover a range of areas including: definitions and classifications, genetics, experimental models, interventions, risk factors, impact of myopia, accommodation and binocular vision, myopia control trials and instrumentation, industry guidelines and ethical considerations, pathologic myopia, clinical management guidelines, and a yearly digest update. The white papers and clinical summaries are available in many international languages. “This carefully crafted infographic summarises some of the key evidence-based findings of the International Myopia Institute’s white papers; it can be used by eye care practitioners to communicate these to involve patients in their management,” said chief scientist Professor James Wolffsohn. IMI executive director Dr. Monica Jong added, “We are excited to share a much-needed resource that will be used widely by practitioners around the world in supporting evidence-based myopia management. The IMI Facts and Findings Infographic will help to support practitioner-patient communication which is a critical part of successful myopia management.”
Vital Stats: The IMI Facts and Findings Infographic can be downloaded for free at