Product: OptiLight
Top Line: Following the FDA’s recent De Novo authorization ( for Lumenis’ OptiLight (\OptiLight), an IPL device which is designed for improving signs of dry eye disease due to meibomian gland dysfunction, the company is releasing the device commercially.
Close Up: OptiLight, with Lumenis’ patented OPT technology, is designed for a consistent, precise, and controlled light-based treatment of signs of dry eye disease.
“We deal with dry eye every day, but unless we address the underlying inflammation, it’s difficult to meaningfully impact the disease. OptiLight helps us to address the inflammation, as shown in Lumenis' IPL clinical trials, and improves signs of dry eye disease due to MGD, positioning it as a valuable tool in our dry eye toolkit,” said Dr. Steven J. Dell, medical director of Dell Laser Consultants and lead investigator in the Lumenis’ clinical trial submitted to the FDA.
Vital Stats:
• The first and only IPL that is FDA approved for dry eye management.
• Patented Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) for targeted, precise, controlled treatment
• Patented OPT hand-piece for maximum reach and dedicated setting to fit the delicate contours
• Patented Opti-Tip optimizes energy for the delicate areas, ensuring a safe, hygienic and effective treatment
• Every element is design driven to allow a precise and comfortable dry eye procedure
The product is commercially available through local Lumenis sales reps.\OptiLight