Ocuco Webinar on “Optometry Retail Resilience” Set for Aug. 13th

Product: “Optometry Retail Resilience” is New Ocuco Digital Marketing Webinar Aug. 13th
Topline: Chris Mantle, Ocuco OptiCommerce’s global digital marketing lead will be talking optical retail for the “new normal” world in a webinar titled “Optometry Retail Resilience” which will be held on Aug. 13th starting at 6:00 p.m. EST until 6:45 p.m. EST.
Close Up: Attendees will discover how to remain competitive by mitigating the risk of external factors continuously affecting their eyecare business. They will get inspiration and gain insights from the breakthrough stories of independent optometry clinics that have adopted a clicks-and-bricks model. Attendees will learn how to get creative with to maximize transactions while working in a socially distant world and understand the tools and techniques used to ensure customers do not drop off the online patient journey, increasing conversion rates and 2nd pair sales, Ocuco said.
Vital Stats: Ocuco’s webinar details and registration can be found here: