Product: Virtual try-on with Diminished Reality technology featuring Frame Removal
Top Line: Fittingbox is launching its latest virtual try-on solution at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nev. in January 2022. The technology behind many notable direct-to-consumer optical retailers, luxury groups, brands and ECPs worldwide (i.e. Nike, Transitions, Gunnar and Police), has launched a second generation of its technology that accomplishes a simple, yet essential, solution to virtual glasses fittings.
Close Up: Over the past 15 years, more than 60 R&D researchers have been working on the development of Fittingbox’s unique digital solution called Frame Removal. Making its world premiere at CES 2022, this technology is supported by 16 international patents utilizing state-of-the-art technology in Diminished Reality, which, unlike Augmented Reality, digitally removes an element from the real world. "Frame Removal" therefore virtually removes the pair of glasses worn on the user's face in real time and replaces it with a 3D digitalized frame, allowing for the customer to view a new pair of eyeglasses clearly and accurately.
“Our mission has always been to develop more immersive solutions through technology, said Fittingbox CEO and Co-Founder, Benjamin Hakoun. “We support e-commerce brands and retailers, but we always aim to serve the consumer first and to-date we have generated more than 95 million virtual try-ons and we produce the largest 3D frames and photo database in the world, accounting for around 120k digital frames.”
"My Frame Gallery" by Frames Data, the online frame browsing service for ECPs' websites, comes with virtual try-on from Fitting Box included.
Vital Stats: Click here to see a Fittingbox video.