GlobeChek Rolls Out Comprehensive Eye Screening Kiosk


Product: ESG 1200 Eye Screening Globe
Top Line: GlobeChek is a global telehealth corporation founded by two ophthalmologists, William Mallon, MD and Adam Katz, MD. The company is launching the ESG 1200, a unique, globe-shaped kiosk equipped with diagnostic instruments that can perform comprehensive eye screenings to detect eye and systemic disease. GlobeChek is selling and leasing the globes to customers who will put them in malls, airports hospitals, retail chain stores and other public locations, where they will be operated by on-site technicians.
“The goal of GlobeChek is to remove the barriers to eye exams, detect asymptomatic disease and prevent unnecessary and preventable blindness,” said Dr. Mallon.
Close Up: GlobeChek offers a complete comprehensive turnkey approach to tele-ophthalmology. The globes are manned by GlobeChek technicians that answer questions and guide users through their screen.
The results of the eye tests are interpreted by a GlobeChek-certified ophthalmologist. GlobeChek will furnish the test results to consumers. If indicated, GlobeChek will refer them for follow-up care to a doctor in the GlobeChek Doctor network.
Vital Stats: GlobeChek testing includes distance and near visual acuity, wavefront autorefraction, intraocular pressure corrected for corneal thickness, high-resolution external photography, corneal topography, anterior segment OCT, cataract grading, fundus photography and macular and optic nerve OCT. This is a complete ocular telehealth exam capable of diagnosing virtually any eye and many systemic conditions. The entire no-touch/no-dilation scan takes about eight minutes to complete.
GlobeChek reports are read using the company’s proprietary GlobeChek reading center software. Reports are generated within 24 hours and patients have access through a HIPAA-compliant portal. Data saved within the portal can be accessed and shared with appropriate health care professionals.; 1-877-GlobeChek