Product: On Tech and Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts
Top Line: People who are blind or visually impaired know all too well the challenges of living in a sighted world. “Tools for Success: Tech Convergence and Co-Designed Products Close Gaps for Children Who Are Blind,” the newest episode of the podcast “On Tech and Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts,” explores how the capabilities of computer vision and other technologies are now converging with the needs of people who are blind and may help level the playing field for young people with different sensory abilities. These tools can pave the way for children’s active participation and collaboration in school, in social situations, and eventually, in the workplace, facilitating the important contributions they will make to our world in their adult lives.
Close Up: Listeners will hear from Greg Stilson, head of Global Innovation at American Printing House for the Blind (APH) who, together with partner organizations Dot Inc. and Humanware, is on the verge of being able to deliver the “Holy Braille” of braille readers, a dynamic tactile device that delivers both Braille and tactile graphics in an instant, poised to fill a much-needed gap in the Braille textbook market. They will also hear from Dr. Cecily Morrison, principal researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge UK and her team who developed PeopleLens, smart glasses worn on the forehead that can identify the person whom the user is facing, giving the user a spatial map in their mind of where classmates (as one example) are in space. PeopleLens helps children who are blind overcome social inhibitions and engage with classmates and peers, a skill that will be crucial to their development, and in their lives, as they move into the cooperative workspaces of the future.
Vital Stats: Now in its third season, “On Tech and Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts” explores the big ideas that are making life better for people with vision loss. Dr. Calvin W. Roberts, president & CEO of Lighthouse Guild and podcast host, interviews innovators and experts who are breaking barriers with transformative technologies. The podcast has nearly 8,000 downloads since it launched in 2020.
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