Product: Envision smart glasses
Top Line: Envision has introduced two new editions of smart glasses to serve the different needs of its users. Aiming to bring innovative assistive technology to people with low vision or blindness, the new editions offer the same hardware and form factor as the original Envision smart glasses but provides a choice of feature sets at a range of price points. 
Close Up: Through its app and smart glasses, Envision gives people the ability to live their daily lives a little more independently, specifically enabling those who are blind or have low vision to read, identify people and objects and make hands-free video calls to people they trust. Envision makes it possible for those with low vision or blindness to now select a device and feature set that works best for them from a simpler, Read Edition that offers a range of features that focuses on the need to read and scan text through to a professional edition that offers a complete feature set, including read technology, scanning, camera, and video calls as well as free feature updates and maintenance for the lifetime of the glasses. 
Vital Stats: Envision's new product portfolio also brings scalability; Envision is offering its users the flexibility to upgrade its edition when and if the need for additional feature sets occurs. Users will be able to upgrade from a lower edition to a higher edition, from the Read Edition to the Home Edition, and from the Home Edition to the Professional Edition, as well as from the Read edition to the Professional Edition directly. All upgrades can be done efficiently and securely by purchasing an Upgrade Module from the Envision App or Envision webshop. New features and functionality will be provided through 'Feature Updates,' which are available for an annual subscription of $199 for the Read and Home Edition of Envision Glasses. A lifetime subscription to Feature Updates is included with the purchase of the Professional Edition of Envision Glasses. With varying price points that range from $1,899 for the Read Edition to $3,499 for the Professional Edition, users can opt for a device that suits their budget.