Immagine98 Adds New X-Ide Styles for Fall/Winter 2019

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Quick Take: Immagine98 is debuting the Fall/Winter collection for X-Ide.
Specifics: New styles in the collection include New Wave, Funky, Gospel, Helios, Neon and Xenon. New Wave features an acetate half-rim construction in contrasting color, overlaying the metal rim that frames the lens. Funky and Gospel, both metal styles, feature an embellished top rim to add color and volume, as well as shimmers on the temple tips. Funky is a round frame, Gospel is a squared frame. Helios, Nylon and Xenon are super-thin, super-light all titanium styles. Helios is round, Neon is squared and Xenon has an irregular geometric shape.
Selling Point: The new X-Ide collection is fun, bold, bright and energetic, inspired by music and colors.