Quick Take: Timberland, from Marcolin Eyewear, has introduced its Spring/Summer 2022 collection.
Specifics: The new collection also introduces a line of frames bearing the Earthkeepers mark, signifying that the product was designed to reduce impact on the environment and integrate bio-based materials. Over 60 percent of the new collection is part of the Earthkeepers line. Some styles also include the new Timberhook clip, a matte orange latch clip made to fasten to the wearer’s clothes to keep the frames attached as wearers run, hike or surf. 
Selling Point: This new collection also incorporates Timberland and Marcolin’s Plant the Change commitment to plant 50 million trees across the globe by 2025. Timberland and Marcolin partnered with Treedom, a company that promotes agroforestry projects around the world. All trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and financial benefits to their communities. With each purchase of a Timberland Eyewear product, customers will receive a custom code and web page providing the ability to follow the story of their tree and watch its growth for three years.
Molly Hyland, director, licensing, Timberland, said, “We’re very proud of the new Timberland Eyewear collection as it demonstrates a responsibility to build a greener future through materials and transparent, on-the-ground projects. Treedom is a unique organization and a great partner, as it connects people directly to the work in the field, offering the ability to watch a specific tree grow with the ultimate goal of providing jobs, clean air and unity.”