Quick Take: OGI Eyewear has announced a refresh of its Red Rose brand, including updated photography and a new Fall 2021 collection of products.
Specifics: Red Rose is OGI Eyewear’s pillar minimalist brand. The latest collection draws inspiration from Italy, with products named after iconic Italian cities. Each design is crafter from precious metals or premium acetates, with bold shapes meeting thin profiles. 
Selling Point: David Duralde, Chief Creative Officer of OGI Eyewear and the architect of the brand refresh, said, “We wanted to evoke the L.A. heritage of the Red Rose brand, with its historical play on thin metal profiles and the airy, lightweight feel that comes from layers of light passing through these translucent acetates. We imagined what modernism might mean today with a deep dive into the cultural heartbeat of the city. L.A. is the land of ideas that come from breaking rules. Nowhere else can you find that juxtaposition of laid back and ambitious, casual and cutting-edge—consider how fertile West Coast soil has been for technology and innovation. So much of that is a result of prizing originality without pretention. In L.A., life is very much about discovering your best self, and then embodying that self and letting the world respond. That’s the thesis of Red Rose.”
Photographer Kris Ryan said, “My goal was to capture that quintessential L.A. vibe. It’s a very specific sort of feel—casual and laid back and contemporary and innovative at all once. It’s all about being effortless and authentic. That’s what I wanted to reflect in the imagery for Red Rose.”