Quick Take: SD Eyes’ Rip Curl is launching ten new optical styles for Summer 2021.
Specifics: Notable new styles include RC2047, RC2048 and RC2052. RC2047 is a rectangular stainless steel frame with bold, 70s-inspired temples. It is available in light navy with white stripes, dark navy with chocolate stripes and matt black with red stripes. RC2048 is a sleek, lightweight, stainless steel rectangular frame with a screwless spring hinge. It is available in matt navy with slate blue, matt black with gunmetal and matt black with red. Finally, RC2052 is an athleisure TR-90 rectangular frame with double injected TR-90 temples. It is available in grey, navy or black.
Selling Point: The newest Rip Curl optical styles are bold and exciting, inhabiting the brand’s goal of inspiring ordinary people to live extraordinarily.