DrChrono Partners with Ricoh to Automatically Scan Patient ID

Product: Ricoh’s Smart Integration Healthcare add-on
Top Line: DrChrono is partnering with Ricoh to automatically scan patient IDs and medical documentation right into the electronic health record (EHR), as well as Explanation of Benefits (EOB) into the practice management system (PMS).
Close Up: Through this partnership with DrChrono, Ricoh’s Smart Integration Healthcare add-on enables a medical practice to easily scan a patient’s driver license to auto-populate the corresponding fields into their EHR/PMS system. This helps streamline the check-in process, saving staff time and reducing errors with patient data getting into the platform quickly. What had been a time-consuming manual process for onboarding patients can now be done with just a few button presses.
The Healthcare add on also includes the ability to directly scan documents, such as referrals, patient history forms or consent forms. This goes right into the patient record in the EHR, replacing the multiple steps of scanning, saving and uploading documentation.
Also coming soon, Ricoh’s new Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Data Capture will integrate with DrChrono. The EOB is a statement form sent by a health insurance company explaining what medical treatments and/or services were paid for on a patient’s behalf. Medical practices normally scan EOB’s manually into DrChrono and type in information. In the future, with Ricoh’s software a medical practice will be able to scan and have all data extracted from the EOBs from insurance payers and upload the EOB billing data in real-time to DrChrono’s PMS. It will streamline the reconciliation process, saving staff time and reducing errors for the time-consuming process with the large quantities of EOBs every practice receives.
Vital Stats: To see a short video on how it works for scanning a driver’s license, referrals, patient history forms, or consent forms, visit https://youtu.be/QB1Is9p9puc. To watch a video about scanning EOB’s, visit
www.drchrono.com; www.ricoh.com