Product: Practitioner interview series
Top Line: SynergEyes, Inc., a leading expert in specialty contact lens technology, is releasing eight practitioner interview videos. The impactful, authentic, and unscripted videos provide tips, advice and successes from SynergEyes iD practitioners to their peers, and emphasize how SynergEyes iD, an empirically and individually designed lens for astigmats and presbyopes, can transform a patient’s vision while transforming an independent eyecare practitioner’s practice as well.
Close Up: Developed as part of an ongoing strategy to provide impactful tools for practitioners, the new SynergEyes iD videos capture ODs answering a variety of questions on topics such as:
• How Do You Select Patients for SynergEyes iD?
• How Do You Present SynergEyes iD to Your Patients?
• How Is The Fitting Process Streamlined with SynergEyes iD?
• How Do You Conduct Application & Removal Training for SynergEyes iD?
• What Is It Like Ordering SynergEyes iD Empirically?
• What's Your Favorite SynergEyes iD Moment?
• What Advice For Colleagues Do You Have Regarding SynergEyes iD?
• How Does SynergEyes iD Improve Your Practice?
Through these powerful videos the ODs share insights with other practitioners to help them achieve success with SynergEyes iD and explain how SynergEyes iD has had a positive impact on both patients and practices.
Vital Stats: The SynergEyes iD videos are available online on the Professional site.