Compulink Launches Advantage SMART Practice Suite of AI Solutions


Product: Advantage SMART Practice
Top Line: Compulink Healthcare Solutions, a provider of specialty-specific EHR and practice management solutions is rolling out new artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled features in a release its calling Advantage SMART Practice. Advantage uses AI technology and real-time data from the clinic to completely automate tasks such as billing, along with eliminating steps to improve patient flow.
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AI-driven enhancements include:
• Advantage SMART Workflow: Advantage knows which patients are being seen based on their room assignment and automatically displays their record when needed. The system also lets providers and staff know who is waiting, where they need to go next, and keeps them constantly informed for maximum efficiency.
• SMART Automated Billing, Eligibility and ERA Posting: Using the Advantage PracticeWatch task automation engine, staff can schedule eligibility, claims submission, and remittance posting to run unattended. Advantage also automatically populates a claim edit worklist to quickly identify and correct issues.
• Advantage SMART Patient Engagement: Advantage automatically communicates personalized content directly to the patient’s mobile device. This includes information about products and services specific to each individual patient as they arrive at the office and move through the normal patient workflow.
• “We expect this release to take our client’s efficiency across their entire clinic to a whole new level,” said Link Wilson, CEO and founder of Compulink. “Our SMART billing features will reduce the amount of time required to generate and work claims by about 90 percent. With our SMART workflow engine, we’re looking for patient throughput to increase by as much as 15 percent or more. And with our mobile patient engagement, the ability to engage patients in their own care while growing your patient base is really limitless.”
Vital Stats: The company’s 2015 ONC Certified system is used by more than 20,000 providers in over 4,700 locations. Built on a single database, the Advantage all-in-one solution includes specialty-specific EHR for 19 specialties, along with practice management, optical POS (for eyecare), inventory management, data analytics, patient engagement, and telehealth services. The company also offers solutions for ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) and provides an expert revenue cycle management service for its clients.; (800) 456-4522