Crystal Practice Management Adds OptikamPad Integration


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Product: Crystal PM and OptikamPad integration
Top Line: Crystal Practice Management Software announced the software integration of Crystal PM and OptikamPad from Optikam Tech to streamline the sharing of patient measurement data.
Close Up: The seamless software integration, which also supports Spectangle Pro, eliminates manual data entry by leveraging Optikam’s Cloud Subscription while auto- populating a series of OptikamPad fields directly into Crystal’s PM. The fields include all ophthalmic measurements in addition to Panto, Wrap, A Value, B Value, ED Value, and the DBL Value.
“We’re thrilled to provide a more efficient data entry and workflow experience within Crystal PM for OptikamPad users” said Paul Crowley, president of Crystal PM. “Increasing the efficiency and accuracy of patient data collection is a significant value for our customers.” Crystal PM users are offered the OptikamPad integration at minimal additional cost.
Vital Stats: OptikamPad is a standalone iPad app that assists in every facet of the eyewear dispensing process—frame selection, lens demonstrations, and eyewear measurements using ONE single frontal image. The system facilitates the transition from manual to electronic measurements. OptikamPad’s image detection software instantaneously obtains all measurements after snapshot which avoids time-consuming manual placement of reference points.
“The seamless integration between OptikamPad and Crystal PM increases dispensary efficiency by reducing the time needed to place an order,” said Marco Lancione, president of Optikam Tech. “All advanced measurement values for freeform or digital lenses are sent electronically—eliminating manual double entry and potential transcribing errors.”;