DrChrono and ClearGage Partnership Boosts Platform With Patient Estimator and Finance Tools

Product: DrChrono Practice Management platform integration with ClearGage
Top Line: DrChrono announced that ClearGage has integrated its patient estimator and financing tools into DrChrono‘s Practice Management platform.
Close Up: The ClearGage app offering gives practices the ability to provide patient estimates directly within appointments.
“As a private practice, the use of ClearGage on the DrChrono platform has made several improvements to our billing process. The automated communication allows us to be more proactive and have a better understanding of our accounts receivable,” said Ashley Koundry of iTrust Wellness Group. “Especially during COVID-19, when we are operating almost completely through telehealth appointments, it becomes more challenging to collect payments and keep our A/R running smoothly. Because ClearGage automates the payment process within DrChrono’s EMR, everything is streamlined and we can easily collect payments during telehealth visits to keep our practice cash flow positive. Our team can devote time to improving customer service and strategizing for continuous growth instead of spending unnecessary time on tedious billing tasks. I believe this makes our team feel more valued and gives them a stronger sense of job security, and an increased interest in their work."
ClearGage leverages the DrChrono API and webhooks to communicate information back and forth between the applications. This connection helps eliminate the duplication of efforts of having to manage two different applications, provide confidence that the most up-to-date information is being used when reaching out to customers by text and/or email, and decreases time spent manually allocating payments back to line items on open balances.
Vital Stats: ClearGage tools now available and fully integrated for the DrChrono platform include Patient Engagement, Patient Estimation, Patient Financing and Patient Payments. Providers and physicians can now present their patients with upfront, accurate estimations of a procedure or treatment while they have them on the phone, through a telehealth visit or at point of service in person, bringing the conversation of securing patient payment to the beginning of the visit instead of the end. Patients will now be able to evaluate the value of their care, select financial options on how they would like to pay for it, and practices can receive payments sooner in the process.
www.drchrono.com; https://cleargage.com/